muscle effect therapy

Without words, by light touch.


What is Muscle Effect Therapy?

MET (“Muscle Effect Therapy”) is touch therapy. It works without words, by light touch of anatomical precision, which results in a change of the body’s physical tension.

MET is based on observations which found that memories full of emotion experienced in the past directly influence the system of skeletal muscles. Unprocessed conflicts cause physical tension and may result in various forms of inadequate body functioning. Very frequently, we do not recognize the signals our bodies send us. Touch makes you aware of the muscle tension and may bring the emotions stored there to the surface, and possibly the memories as well, so you can process them. This painless way of touch creates a feeling and awareness of safety in both body and soul, so you can become free from the effect of traumas easier. Consciousness helps your organism to start its self-healing mechanisms by dissolving blocked energies.


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