Experiences of pregnancy


Zsuzsa Zsigmond

I was expecting my first daughter on May 4, 2007. On the 14th she was still in my tummy and I couldn’t put it off any longer. The next day I was due at the hospital where they would have induced the birth. I believe in karma, and because of that I knew my little one was fated to be born on a specific day, I didn’t want to interfere artificially in her life before it even started! An acquaintance called me that day and inquired whether my Blanka was born yet and after I complained it was my last day, she recommended MET as a last resort. On the evening of the 14th around 10 o’clock Elisabeth arrived, this was the first time I met her, and after the treatment she only said: “Zsuzsi, don’t do anything else today, just lie down. Tomorrow you’re giving birth.” At 4 o’clock in the morning I woke to 10-minute pains and by 2 that afternoon she was born. Now my blonde, curly-haired baby is almost four and she hasn’t been sick even once in her life. Again I give my thanks to Elisabeth and I will happily recommend her.


Kinga Tóth

Several years ago I met Elisabeth incidentally at a friend’s when I popped over to discuss something. During our talk I mentioned that I still carry my fetus within me, dead since five weeks according to the doctors. I had three days of reprieve, if the spontaneous abortion didn’t start on its own, they would mercilessly lay me on the operating table. Elisabeth offered her help; it was the first time I’d heard of MET. We met in the evening and she treated me. I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, after the treatment I went home and went to bed. The next day at dawn, right there at home, spontaneously and naturally I was relieved of my deceased fetus. It meant the world to me that this painful farewell wasn’t forced out by doctors, and instead we could take care of it alone together: my departed fetus and I. A few years later on a sludgy December day I met Elisabeth again on our second fateful encounter – she happened to be walking opposite me on the street. Just in time, too: I was overdue with my third child, we were already around the 43rd week. Once again I was under threat of a medical intervention: they told me we couldn’t wait until Christmas, before then they would definitely induce the birth. On the 20th in the evening Elisabeth treated me with MET. Early the next morning I woke to find my water broke and I had pains. By that afternoon my son was born, what is more much more easily and quickly than his two siblings. Fate arranged for me to cross paths with Elisabeth during two difficult situations. Both times she resolved those issues when the doctors were already sharpening their knives and needles with a few gentle touches. Nothing more need be said. Thank you!


Andrea Etler

I first encountered MET around five years ago. I didn’t have a specific problem at the time, at least not a physical one, but I wanted to try it because I am also a massage therapist and Elisabeth told me a lot about it already. Truth be told, after the first my initial reaction at the end of the massage was that I wanted someone to go over me again much more strongly because the gentle touches were so unusual, they were of course very good, but I felt I was missing the familiar massage. However, after the second and especially after the third time, I felt something completely different, it was an indescribable feeling which is incomparable to anything else. I only came to almost at the end, I didn’t even know what happened to me, but it was as if I slept for 20 hours straight. After that I attended a training course held by Elisabeth and it was quite interesting to gain a little more insight into MET, but in the meantime I got pregnant and didn’t finish the course, although I hope I can still catch up. However, Elisabeth MET’d me during my pregnancy as well and it was absolutely fantastic, both for me and the baby – who is two by now – but the baby kept wandering in my tummy to wherever Elisabeth touched me, as if also wanting to partake in a little MET. I highly recommend this to everyone.


Viola Kiss

I encountered MET in my second trimester upon the recommendation of a couple who are my dear friends. Luckily I didn’t have any serious issues, just a normally growing tummy, the uncomfortableness which comes with gaining weight (back and lower back pains, stretching tummy) as well as knee pain from an old injury. The therapy always started with pleasant tea sipping and conversation, where we discussed my physical and mental state since the last session. During each treatment I always found myself in a very relaxed state, my daughter sometimes pleasantly stirred, other times quietly enjoyed the treatment – it was always quite clear that she also enjoyed it inside there. We always departed feeling rejuvenated both physically and mentally. With the help of MET I awaited the big day without any problems, even free of all the unpleasantness said to be normal. Beyond that, I received an abundance of encouragement, affirmation and advice, I always got recommendations for natural methods which is very important to me with the baby in my tummy. I had a beautiful and relatively easy birth, and I’m convinced my regular MET treatments contributed to it.


Diána Simor

I can thank my problem-free pregnancy in part to MET, during which I regularly had treatments. Although it’s hard to unravel what was a consequence of what, the fact is, after giving birth my waist is in better shape than it was before the pregnancy, the birth transpired without a single incision or external intervention quickly and beautifully, and afterward my stomach muscles regained their strength lightning quick, now during nursing neither my back nor my neck hurts. That about wraps it up for the physical side of things. As to how much those weekly hour and a half to two hour sessions meant to me, it’s invaluable. Both from the point of view of resting and relaxing, and from the point of view of relieving me of stress, as well as with regard to the discussions before and after treatments. I strongly recommend anyone expecting to give both themselves and the baby this time and energy because it will reward you many times over, not to mention that it’s also enjoyable.