General experiences with MET


László Bánki

In my mind, MET and its effects cannot be separated from Elisabeth, who relayed them to me as a method. So I can’t tell which of the experiences and change processes I experienced as a client were due to the method of healing itself and which came from her healing personality. But that doesn’t matter anyway. The important thing is that… it’s partly MET’s methodical, client – centered, humanistic approach, its rites of assessment, interviewing and treatment, and partly the care she gave me, the tactful but deep intimacy which arose from the safe, special touches, the supporting power, the intervention, determined but soft – these were extremely authentic and pleasant for me. I experienced these professional healing effects while being in touch with my own internal processes the whole time, actively experiencing my inward explorations, searches, doubts, certainties and insights. I believe this is really self-healing mediated and made possible. It was also incredibly important to me that Elisabeth suggested that I was at the center of all the processes that went on, and that it was up to me what happened within myself. In addition to this spiritual basis, the anamnesis and the conversations with the healer provided me with real emotional security. I also value Elisabeth’s personal attention from my perspective as a psychologist, her rapport and empathy, her gestures of acceptance – I learned much from these. From the start of the first session, it was self-explanatory and easy for me to accept her as my spiritual guide and helper, and I could trust myself into her care completely. This relationship as a helper was just as important for me in MET and Elisabeth’s work as the physical part of the healing, the releasing treatments. I am grateful for receiving such intensive help in my deep crises and grief, when I was so depleted of energy, close to developing some illness as physical symptoms began to manifest. MET in Elisabeth’s hands was providing me with a spiritual rite of finding myself, emotional peace, and finding a path towards physical and spiritual healing. That’s no small thing! It is, however, paradoxically natural – and that’s the best part about it. Thank you!


László Lovass

…In the case of MET, however, all this takes place deliberately and with the presence of self-awareness, which allows for conscious understanding, full processing of experiences, and a quick release of stressful effects. My understanding is that during treatment, two states of consciousness – both favorable for decreasing stress – join and develop their effects together. My personal experiences and those as a researcher into MET (Mind Fitness, EEG examinations) reinforced each other in that something very similar goes on during treatments to the times when during dreaming, your subconscious tries to sort out your stressful experiences which are difficult to handle.


Anna Tilesh

Elisabeth, I still can’t tell exactly which of my changes in myself and my environment took place thanks to Hellinger therapy, and which ones to kinesiology or MET, but one thing I know is that it was with MET that I experienced in the strongest way that anyone can go there as layperson, but I don’t think they can just come out the same, and even if they do, they won’t believe their senses what happens to them and within them, within a day or a couple of days.


Katalin Gáspár Bucher

Because it sharpens channels which have been asleep so far. As if you started to receive a broadcast through the antenna of your body which goes on with the subjects you have been most interested in throughout your life, playing all your favorite songs. You will enjoy every moment of it. It tunes you differently – in this sense of the word. That’s MET – for me.


Miklós Lenhardt

My chronic waist pains constantly returning for years completely disappeared after the first treatment. Now my bowel inflammation is being resolved with very good results, I hope we can soon put an end to that chapter as well.


Dr. Naomi Lenart

I am much more balanced since I have been regularly going to MET, it gave me tremendous help in processing physical and spiritual problems. Every session is a good experience.


Orsolya Szűcs

I went to see Elisabeth due to my serial and painful migraine attacks, as well as quite a few other problems, some of which were verbalised and some not so much, chiefly due to my psychosomatic issues, like panic disorder, anxiety, my childhood and adult traumas. I have been through two treatments. Something happened in me which is hard to put into words. I have not had a headache, except once, before the second treatment, but several times I had the feeling that “this is when it should be aching”, based on my experiences from years before. There’s a good mood, as if I was lighter, as if some weight was taken off my soul. Some kind of calmness overtook me, which allows me to accept and notice other people’s nice gestures and touches. Maybe the best word for what’s happened in me is being liberated. I keep on smiling, just instinctively. Both outside and inside. The absence of my physical symptoms were even more striking, though. Three days after my first treatment, a piece of my tooth that remained lodged in my gum after an old dental operation was dislodged. I found this really strange because it had been there for six years already; I could feel a small tip protruding there – doctors could only have removed it by an operation. I didn’t worry about it, though it was a giant focus of infection, much larger than that small tip. I don’t understand how this all happened. My gum simply released it.
The feeling I’ve had since my second treatment is as if the entire structure of my head has been altered. It’s been dilated and rearranged. My face is smoother and I’ve had no pains ever since. It’s as if my body’s started a self-healing process without me knowing exactly what caused what and where the changes are. I’m healing without being concerned with what my problems are.


Tamás Horváth

The first time I heard about MET was from a classmate at the university. You could see the results of the treatment on her. The black circles disappeared from under her eyes, she bloomed and turned into someone more cheerful and energetic. We talked about what has been “done to her”. First I only looked at the web page. That didn’t make me much smarter. As a person interested in natural healing methods, the thought didn’t let me rest in peace that there was a system that visibly worked well and I didn’t know anything about it. So I grabbed the phone and asked for an appointment. If it works so well for others, it would for me too. If there’s a professional who practices it and teaches it, she will find something in me (even if I don’t have specific complaints). I’m sure a good dollup of stress, spasms and nervousness are deposited somewhere in me. I have to confess that I didn’t feel earth-shattering changes after my first treatment. But as a matter of fact I became calmer and more relaxed. I said to myself, if anything more specific happened to me (God forbid), I would return. And what did God give? Something did happen! I had a sports accident, broke my elbow. Plaster cast, physical therapy and all that goes with it. I had been going to physical therapy twice a week for two months and my arm was still not the way it was before. My bones set nicely but I was still unable to straighten my arm. There was a bend of about 4-5 degrees that still remained. Both the physical therapist, a very nice person, and the MD lady that supervised my rehabilitation said it was going to stay that way. In other words: I couldn’t stretch my arm straight, I would have to live with this remaining bend of 4-5 degrees. I just couldn’t accept that. If my bones set 3 weeks after the breakage without a callus, verified by X-ray (the X ray said “No callus formation observable”), there’s gotta be a method which goes further than academic medicine and helps me. Sure, Elisabeth also came to my mind. “Can you help?” “Yes I can.” Then I had The Treatment. Here I did have something to target, and also a specific problem to help. But what happened after was no small thing! As I got back down to the street from the patient room, I found myself being overwhelmed by an explosive and inexplicable euphoria. I was singing aloud, whistling, grinning from ear to ear. (Basically I’m a quiet, reserved guy normally.) This state of mind lasted for several hours, until I got back to work. It still held on then for a while but suddenly by boss called me on the phone. This guy is notoriously a difficult case, he’s known for it far and wide. I learned to get along with him over a year or two. I can’t recall exactly what I said to him but the essence was the following:
“STOP SCREWING WITH ME, FIND SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOUR BULLSHIT!!!” That was totally unusual for me, with a vehemence and style way surpassing the definition of communication with a raised voice. What I heard from the other side was “OK, OK, it’s okay, I’ll do it myself”. I was just sitting at my computer, with the elementary drive permeating my whole body, and I was waiting for the moment when the door opens and he steps through it and I have a chance to say an extended version of what I said over the phone, also applying some dynamic hands-on healing. He didn’t come. I waited for half an hour, then the red fog started to dissipate. As soon as it was gone, cold reason slouched back slowly to my head. And the second surprise of the day… So what was this all about?! It’s one thing that I was right, but it was quite another thing to take care of the problem by shouting down someone, voice peppered with emotion, that has never been my style. No big issue came of this though.

Two days later my arm got back to its former shape.
Thank you!

– Remark by the practitioner: The astounding reaction in the above case is not surprising to me. Repressed tension and aggression is most frequently retained in the arms, especially in the upper arms. When it’s freed up, the arm’s scope of motion usually increases, since there’s nothing to hold it back anymore. This is a textbook case of unprocessed anger, which only causes problems when you hold it back or keep on heaping it up. The emotion communicated at the time of the happening is always accepted, and it’s not destructive.


Dalma Koppány

I learned about MET due to a herniated disc in my neck. At the time, I was afflicted by such powerful pains in my neck which radiated into my shoulder, my back and my left arm to the point where I was barely able to move. No other kind of therapy could be used as I was barely able to tolerate a simple touch. That’s how the MET method found me. During the therapy, I really grew to like MET, it was unique for me in that every single treatment was pleasant and exciting by itself. A few times I sank into a twilight state and for brief moments I slipped into dreams. All through this, very significant processes were going on in my body which provoked feelings and emotions of surprising intensity. I experienced the touches sometimes as a caress upon my psyche, at other times as a stimulation of various points of my body. It was a very exciting and interesting period, during which, among other things, my body awareness also developed to an incredible extent. Parallel to the MET therapist, I was also treated by a kinesiology therapist, and I think the two methods complemented each other wonderfully! The series of treatments lasted for six months, once every two weeks on the average. The physical result was that my herniated disc became symptom-free, while I acquired a new power and élan to climb out of the slump where I was. The best thing would be to go to MET even when I have no problems, just to be “pampered” and also for a “spiritual exercise”.


Anna Kalakatroni

Both kinesiology and MET were very liberating for me. In a different way, both therapies moved me at an elemental level. I am a rather skeptical type of person, the kind who says “I’ll believe it when I see it”, so I found it marvelous after a kinesiology treatment that yes, these energies really existed! And what energies at that! Even such a skeptical person as I was literally dumbstruck by the energies that had accumulated in me during these therapies! I was so relieved of my psychological burdens that I wasn’t able to coordinate my movements. I could compare this this roughly to a hot air balloon. When the weights are cast off the balloon and it flies up into the sky. It’s a feeling incomparable to anything! Directly after that, I was lying down for about five hours and paid attention to myself, while the external world ceased to exist. An unbelievable calm pervaded me along with a certain kind of harmony with myself and also the world. However, the long-term effects were even more incredible than the direct ones. You probably heard the expression “walking with open eyes”. Well I experienced that. I’m still going about with open eyes! What’s that supposed to mean? It’s impossible to tell… perhaps the most salient thing is that I became far more understanding of others and had a much clearer view on the people and the situations I found myself in. It’s like getting a book full of appended commentaries.
Many fear a therapy like this. You can understand that to some degree since it moves the innermost parts of people and changes your entire life. Those things you know so well. All I can say is that I wouldn’t have missed out on it for any reason! I’m mighty proud of myself that when I was wavering for half an hour and nearly decided against going out of fear, I ended up mastering it, I calmed down and I made that step for MYSELF. So I’d really-really like thank Elisabeth very-very much for this and all my marvelous experiences that came from it!


Amarilla Feld

“When I first met MET, I was skeptical, but curious. And I was pleasantly surprised. Initially I participated in treatments due to my asthma. I felt only smaller improvements and changes but that was only because I was impatient and I wasn’t paying appropriate attention to myself. We all expect wonders – and immediately if possible. But that’s not how the human body works, it needs some time to heal itself. I remember as I was arriving at my second session, I had a strong attack – with coughing and labored breathing. Elisabeth then advised me to lie down and tried to chill me out and touched me. And that touch immediately put an end to my torturous cough and I managed to get air easier. That was the point at which I really started to believe that MET really works, since in such a case the only thing that helped me so far was an asthma inhaler. After a few more months (and treatments) I could say that the attacks basically ceased and that I could breathe air much easier. Now (after some years) I can assert that my asthma only exists on paper. In my medical records…”


Dr. Farokh Master

Taking Elisabeth’s healing treatment was very beneficial to me for my painful knee, her single treatment gave me long-lasting relief.


Dr. Dániel Éva

MET works not only at the physical but also the psychological level. I experienced both. The first treatment resulted in a refreshing state of physical energy. I felt lighter and more elastic, and similarly to a chiropractic treatment – all my bones are in their rightful places. All that without having my head snapped out or my spine – all through gentle touch. What’s more exciting to me is its effect upon mental processes. During my pregnancy, my baby was also pleased with the gentle touches, which helped us to get in tune with each other.