Indications and contraindications


MET may not be appropriate for everyone, but already the first session provides enough information for a clear decision whether or not this method works for you.

MET is effective in the following cases:

  1. work-related stress
  2. panic disorders
  3. sexual disturbances
  4. problems with skeletal muscles, sciatica, back pains, releasing psychological and physical problems caused by corporal punishment
  5. treatment of adults who suffered sexual abuse in childhood
  6. any psychosomatic illness caused by stress
  7. depression, issues with self-worth
  8. improving physical efficiency, mainly in sports
  9. faster healing, rehabilitation after injuries
  10. difficult breathing, asthma
  11. pregnancy (releasing problems, preparation for giving birth)
  12. sleep problems
  13. blocks in life situations
  14. emotional crisis

MET may not be used in the following cases:

  1. on children
  2. diseases with fever
  3. contagious diseases
  4. sclerosis multiplex
  5. hepatitis
  6. muscular dystrophy due to polio
  7. dependency problems: drugs, alcohol
  8. people who do not want to work with their emotions
  9. people who do not want to change