Tömör Elisabeth

I became interested in alternative therapies twenty years ago when I had my first child. That was a period of my life when living a more natural lifestyle became especially important to me, along with more natural avenues towards promoting health. I have completed training courses of several alternative therapies during my studies. Some were touch-related like Alternative Movement and Massage Therapy, some verbal like OneBrain kinesiology (of which I became an instructor), or the Anthroposophy Training developed for medical doctors and therapists (AntroMedicArt). Still, Muscle Effect Therapy is the method where I found what I’d been looking for: a therapy built upon a scientific basis, the mechanisms of action of which could be explained rationally, dealing with body and soul at the same time, treating physical and psychic health together. My goal is that this unique and effective method could be learned by more and more people, so I teach courses along with my therapeutic practice.

I have performed individual therapy work for 18 years, gave 8,000 treatments and held MET training for 10 years, and I wrote about my experiences in my book titled Touch and Karma. An outstanding result (also validated by clinical evidence) was my work with pregnant women before giving birth and the new mothers and afterwards. I like working with young people and old people, I respect their openness and honesty. I have acquired great experience with supporting the processing of grave traumas (abuse, abusive relationships and early childhood traumas), also in the treatment of panic and depression. Numerous clients sought me out with problems of motivation, and many middle and top executives experienced positive changes after the coaching sessions and the physical treatment. I felt those processes were a special gift where I had a chance to treat individual family members – or frequently every member of a family – and the feedback was that the effect of treatments could be felt in the entire family dynamism.

Due to a decision brought by my children, and to have a necessary recharge of energies, we all moved to Canada in the fall of 2018. I am continuing my MET treatments in Victoria (British Columbia). Individual verbal consultation is available henceforth via Skype. I will be personally present in Budapest once annually (next time in May 2019).